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c4esar 03-16-2010 07:16 PM

SQLite and Calendar-Classes PPL 1.62
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Hey guys!

So far I didn't dare to deal with SQlite.
But after reading Helen's SQLite-manual (thanks again!) I tried some things out.
In some way I found it difficult to always open, close, I made two little classes for using SQLite with v1.62.
One to handle a ResultSet and one to handle a Connection.
Missing some Date- and Time-Functions I added a Calendar-Class to alleviate the handling of that, too.
Don't know - perhaps s.o. might find them helpful, too, or can point me to the proper ones I didn't find.
Thanks for any help with that in advance.

P.S. Still get that "runtime error" mentioned here when running the executable on my iPaq4150:

c4esar 03-17-2010 01:13 PM

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Calendar can add negative Amounts of Time-Units now.

Trying to run my classes with v1.53pro now took a whole lot of time.
Unfortunately I didn't know that v1.53 is not able to return other values than bool's, numbers and simple strings.
So cascading some funcs was not a good idea.:(

Now I modified everything so that it's able to run on 1.53, too (attached).
The modified classes work with both versions 1.53 and 1.62, the only difference is that with 1.53 the "normal" sql_v3.ppl should by used, while with 1.62 the one without "@"-chars has to be used.

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