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Originally Posted by Henerusic View Post
Kill yourself)
Severe! - Obviously some sort of kiddie with a death wish!

For everyone in the forum, I can't kill myself as I am immortal and will live for ever! ha ha

Seriously - Henerusic, you need therapy matey! - You really think that your words are going to hurt me or make me angry? such a child!

Your command of the English language is rubbish too - didn't finish school/still at school? - Since when do you finish off a sentence with a close bracket??? LMAO - ooo we got a really clever one here!

So sad. Joining all the forums you can on the same day ... Do you need friends little man?

Henerusic joined the following forums yesterday; - Almost at the same time

From that I can tell that you like Camero cars, watch wrestling and play Unreal Tournament... or do you ....

Google is amazing, Especially when you use the same login name everywhere! - The same post here too!

I'm bored with you now. I have more important things to do than make fake postings on every forum I find ..

Obvious spam bot? - me thinks so.
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