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Default Simple Timer

I'm a beginner with PLL - test it today the first time - and have a question:
I want to implement a little clock. So I need a Timer to update every second a label-field.
My Form calles Form100$

I tied:
proc timerproc;

func WinMain
tm$ = SetTimer(Form100$, 40, 1000, timerproc);
// I read in the forum, that 40 is the ID, 1000 is the intervall in ms
This doesn't work really, its starts the timerproc one times and then I get
an errormessage. (by the way - I Don't understand any error message)

Hope you can help me with some codelines - thank you

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sorry i don't have much experience of timers and forms, so i can't explain it really, but here is working example by PointofLight. i hope it can help you on

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Question OK

Thank you
Now I have a timer :-) , but I don't now how to set the timerintervall. If there is somebody out there - please tell me how it works.

I just clickt on Events->OnTimer

My Code:
func FORM100_OnTimer(hWnd$, Msg$, wParam$, lParam$)
ListView_Add(Listview104$, "Timer" ,2); //do something
return (true);
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Smile Found it

Yes, I found it

I go to the Event OnCreate (Form) und insert following code:
SetTimer(Form100$, 20, 1000, null); // for 20 ms
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